Dave Pensado

“The 14B just adds a roundness to the voice. All of the things you want a compressor to do, this thing does really amazingly well. This thing is destined to be a classic. It's really good.

This thing is a person, it has a soul.”

Bob Horn

“The 14B has a great sonic vibe. Just running a signal through it changes the character of the source material even if you aren't compressing. I really enjoy using it on lead vocals also play slap bass through it. I rolled off the bass of the side chain and was able to nicely tame and round off the sharp transients.”

Atlantic Records

“As of recently, we have used the 286A with various songwriters and producers. Andrea Martin and Madison Loveare some songwriters we have recorded. The preamp is extremely warm and guitars sound very clean.”

Mike Coykendall

“I made some nice instrumental mixes of some 4-track recordings through it the other day. Came out of the 4-track through the 14B in mono. Used the knob that allows the lo frequencies through. Sounds real punchy!”

Frank Rogers

“I've been very impressed with the 286A. I used it on electric guitars and was able to keep the clean sounds big and warm, but able to overdrive the tubes when I wanted some hair on it. I used it on Scotty McCreery's new single “Southern Belle” and Granger Smith's “Backroad Song” for drums, electric guitars and percussion.”

Bootsy Collins

“My 286A seems to work well clean or dirty. So I am calling this piece “Clean Dirt!” You can eat it right off the floor. I am using it for vocals as front end on an analog set up as well as my Pro tools rig. Works great on both.”

Andrew Williamson

“Aesthetically beautiful, the 14B is a work of art. I tried it on everything from grand piano to kazoo and everything in between. It's become an integral part of my vocal chain, it's proved its worth with artists as diverse as Leona Lewis, Lawson, Aston Merrygold, MNEK,Scouting For Girls, Pixie Lott, LittleMix, Paul Weller and a host of others.”

Hector Delgado

“I would place the 286A between the REDD.47 and the SOLO/610. It's more open and clean up top than the 610.”

Walter Millsap III

“I've recorded a lot of superstars with some of the best equipment - both analog and digital, but the power, warmth and pristine sound I've experienced with the 286A is second to none... What a piece!! Ahead of the curve. This by far is one of the most powerful, warmest mic pre's I've ever heard man. Using it to capture Mindless Behavior on their long awaited new album.”

The Stereotypes

“Our 14B is taking vocals to the next level and making the audio sound crisp!”

Keith Harris

Keith Harris is a Grammy Award-winning record producer, songwriter, music director, touring drummer and multi-instrumentalist. The Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am, Estelle, Robin Thicke, Usher, and Madonna are just a few of the platinum selling artists that have entrusted Keith for his composing and producing skills.

Rick Camp

“The 286A will be a must-have piece among studio and live engineers alike! From its very warm sound to its over driven bite, I found many sound colors that I would use depending on the music genre. Even mismatching the impedance selection gave a certain old-school sound of its own.”