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Vari-Mu Stereo Tube Compressor Module for Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet mk2


Order directly from Louder Than Liftoff if you are outside of the United States or Canada. Locomotive Audio dealers will not carry the Fair-Mu module since it is a collaboration product.


Locomotive Audio and Louder Than Liftoff are proud to announce a collaboration on an expansion module for the Silver Bullet mk2: the Fairi-Mu by Locomotive Audio. Fairi-mu is a stereo vari-mu tube compressor inspired by the vintage classics. It draws on the heritage of Locomotive Audio’s acclaimed 14B and WT-COMP compressor designs to deliver smooth, euphonic compression to mixes and individual tracks. When the Silver Bullet was initially conceived back in 2014 it had always been a dream to get some real tube mojo into the signal flow of the unit. When the mk2 version was launched in 2021 we knew we were the right partners to bring this valve vision to life. 



  • Vari-mu compression when sidechain is enabled
  • Tube & transformer saturation when sidechain is bypassed
  • Attack: 0.7, 10, 40 ms – selectable by jumper
  • Release: 150, 300, 600 ms – selectable by jumper
  • Ratio: 1:1 to 3:1 – varies with compression
  • Threshold and Output Gain – adjustable via trimmers
  • Sidechain High Pass Filter (HPF): off, 100, 200 Hz – selectable by jumper
  • Stereo Link or Dual Mono sidechain
  • 12AU7 tubes
  • Custom-wound American-made transformers
  • Fully assembled and tested by Locomotive Audio.


Silver Bullet mk2 must be purchased separately.  This module may be purchased as an add-on for your Silver Bullet mk2 or chosen as an option when purchasing a new one. To learn more about the Silver Bullet mk2, please visit


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