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Put V72 Preamp Gain

Into Your Arsenal





Inspired by the V72 modules originally built for the German Radio Network, the WT-72 offers 56 dB of gain, which can be driven by a microphone or line level source. The vintage modules only offered 34 dB of gain, so an additional 22 dB of gain is made in the WT-72 with small adjustments to the circuit while maintaining the most sought after tone and character we have all come to love.


Custom input and output transformers, as well as output plate choke help provide

the performance and character of its vintage inspiration!


Just as the vintage design required, the WT-72 employs both AC & DC voltage feedback, providing the proper gain and necessary stability.



The all new WT-72 sets gain with attenuation and altering AC & DC voltage feedback. DC feedback switching would normally introduce large pops, causing harm to your monitors, or even worse, your hearing. The user would need to manually lower monitor volume before switching gain, making for a frustrating experience. A special muting system in the WT-72 performs a brief mute of the output between each step of gain. This mute eliminates the loud transient and allows the tubes to stabilize before the output becomes unmuted.

An 11-position rotary switch utilizes both mechanical and photo relays to change the amount of gain, 

offering great flexibility.



Gain knob settings Off - 36 dB are switched by attenuating signal to the first EF86, while the remaining 20 dB of gain (36 - 56 dB) are switched by changing AC & DC feedback.


By changing gain with voltage feedback (gain knob at 36-56 dB), there is less noise at less gain!

For example, at 36 dB of gain, you will have 20 dB less noise than at 56 dB of gain. We are limited with the amount of voltage feedback to change gain because there is a "sweet spot" for stability and frequency response. Therefore, using attenuation before the tube gain stages (gain knob at Off - 36 dB), allows the WT-72 to have the most gain flexibility and best noise performance possible.



Transformer balanced input and output give the WT-72 the character of the original


Audio passes through two EF86 tubes giving 56 dB of gain. The signal path contains no solid-state components.


A plate choke feeding the output EF86 provides large output swings at low distortion.


When "Line" is selected from the XLR IN switch, a 36 dB pad is placed before the input TX.

average rating is 5 out of 5

November 5, 2023

Drake W

smooth detailed and clear

So other then the tlm 49 mic that I’m using for my vocal recordings this being my second biggest purchase I searched high and low for something to pair with my mic that would bring out the best on both the mic and the pre I’ve known of locomotive for awhile prior to my purchase read up on some things and did my research being that this was a mimic of the renouned v76 I was skeptical so I went all in shipping was fast the response you get is prompt and I couldn’t be happier between the circuit and the tubes with the mic it has givin my vocals pristine clear and smooth sound no brittle or brightness at all no break ups in the frequencies etc just pure gain I usually record at 40DB and it has been perfect for doing hip hop the sound is not colored it just sounds natural I have recommended this preamp to other artist sense I have had no issues with it not working it is flawless everytime

average rating is 5 out of 5

August 27, 2023

Mats Sweden

WT-72 Fine product Eric!

As usual, Eric makes fine products and the WT-72 is no exception. Customer service is brilliant and now two hang in my rack system and are used extensively, amongst several other Locomotive/Weight Tank products!
I've used the WT-72 on everything, including buses, Koto, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Strings, Marimba, Vibraphone, Percussion and of course, Bass Drums and Guitar, Grand Piano with custom Thuresson 402 microphones. Everything sounds fine and I am convinced that this is a really good purchase!
Thanks Eric, from Sweden

average rating is 5 out of 5

May 21, 2023

CwC Studio

3D Glasses for your mix

I don't know what voodoo Locomotive Audio is cooking up but wow! this thing is magical. I bought this mainly for vocals and acoustic guitars as I found Neve preamps to be missing the mark a little - particularly the low mids which can mask a great sounding mic. Well the WT-72 has taken their spot and the Neves are up for sale. There's clarity, full range depth and a 3D quality I've not heard before. Drive the input and you get a sweet saturation without losing the amazing clarity and low end depth. What really surprised me was running a mix through the WT-72. Somehow it's managed to glue the mix together while creating better separation. It really is like adding 3D glasses to your mix. I don't know how you do it but please keep doing it.

average rating is 5 out of 5

May 16, 2023


The only one !

WT-72 is my number one pre-amp for almost every source now, the others are all collecting dust. Sounds just amazing on vocals and guitar, recently also used it to record drums and it's really sweet with bass!
This is the only one you need!

average rating is 5 out of 5

August 9, 2021


WT-72 Rev. B. - Best in the price range

I have abs have had all of the top pres. This one is just gorgeous. It had the depth of tube with a nice sheen on the top end. Drives nicely for guitars but is my go to vocal pre now replacing Neve, RND, and others.

average rating is 5 out of 5

August 7, 2020


WT-72 Rev. A. - I Use the WT-72 Almost Every Day

I love this thing on acoustic guitar. Adjectives? Cohesive and musical. And I love that it sounds very different than my other pres. I also use it on kick drum all the time. (Am I supposed to do that? I don't care--it sounds great!) Do looks matter? Maybe they shouldn't but the WT-72 looks impressive in the rack. And the DI feature is the icing on the cake. If you're looking to step outside of the usual Neve/API pre sounds without spending a fortune the WT-72 is a great option.

average rating is 5 out of 5

August 2, 2020


WT-72 Rev. B. - Big Boy Unit

I was excited to find an affordable V72 style mic preamp. I always wanted one but was concerned about age and price. The WT-72 sounds amazing, so thick, warm, and present. Eric knows what he's doing and pays attention to detail and build quality. It's simple, yet has the features you need. This unit real shines on whatever you put into it. It's a big boy product that should probably cost more, but let's keep that quiet!

average rating is 5 out of 5

July 31, 2020


WT-72 Rev. B. - Finally....

It had been years since I worked in a studio with legendary V72's, and they had always been on the back of my mind - but price and reliability were the things that always seemed to hold me back from buying a pair. When I heard rumor that Eric / Locomotive / Weight Tank was releasing a version, it was a no brainer for me. I immediately purchased when they became available, an I have not regretted it for a second. I would call their vibe a luxurious sonic tapestry of goodness. Combine that with an above average high quality build, superlative sound, excellent customer service, and the RIGHT features - I wanted a LINE input - and you have a winner on your hands. I have 2, and someday I'll probably have 4. They get used on vocals, acoustic guitars, percussion, drums, subgroups and individual tracks when mixing, and two buss as well - pretty much everything. Love em. Thanks WTank!!



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