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Two Huge Channels of Sweet and Harmonic Tube Preamp Gain


Warm and Clean to Aggressive and Grungy


An American-Style Stereo Tube Preamp Designed for Versatility

From beautiful glowing vocals, natural acoustics and punchy drums to overdriven and saturated classic tube warmth, the 86B-2 preamplifier offers a huge sonic palette for engineers and producers to explore.


Rooted in 1950s American-style tube circuitry, the 86B-2 has a huge harmonic footprint and will remedy what you're missing from a lifeless modern signal chain.


Missing some flavor?

Want more color options from one box? Tired of switching between preamps? Maybe you're low on rack space or just starting your first collection of outboard gear and need some versatility. You might just need the kind of versatility that offers recording with mics, then sending recorded audio back through tubes and transformers in 'Line' mode for more coloration.


Tubes, Transformers and an Amplifier Design You Will Love

The 86B-2 is designed to get any amount of tube coloration into your audio easily. Its two-knob system allows the engineer to fine-tune the type of character needed. You can drive the 86B-2 and control the amount of tonal coloration in your audio. Save time with one preamp that can achieve a variety of sounds.

Rounded out with features like a 20dB pad, 100Hz high pass, two mic input impedances, line level mode and high impedance front panel DI on each channel, the 86B-2 won't sit idle in your valuable rack space!

Locomotive Audio 86B-2

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